Friday, May 6, 2016

Open House

Monday night was our PEAK open house. This is our final event of the year, where all the students compile the pieces they've completed into one big project/ presentation to share with their parents. There must have been at least 100 tables lining the hallways, piled with trifolds, games, and QR codes. It was my first time attending an event like that as a teacher, and it felt so exciting. Seeing the pride the students have in what they've done this year makes me feel even prouder of them. I love seeing the parents too; they're such good sports, asking their children questions intently as they race from one table to the next. It made me so incredibly happy to have several parents come up to me and ask if I was the Miss Emma they had heard so much about.

The second graders displayed the machines they built from Connects, and each have a board presenting their findings on their scientists. They also laid out their inventions they produced.

The third graders made a display about their research findings on their country from a variety of mediums. Some included the creative project we made before winter break, while some laid out their notes they took. Everyone made a final Project that showed what they had learned over the course of the year, and these ranged from interviews to plays to websites to games. At the end of the table, their switch write ups and switches were placed next to a table with circuits I built that afternoon. They were able to show their parents their switch in action, and explain how it worked using their knowledge of electricity, circuits, and conductive materials. 

Downstairs, the fourth graders displayed the advertising experiments they conducting, and the trademarks they designed for their inventors. The fifth graders had their brain museum in the gym, showcasing their experiments and research from the year.

My favorite part of the night was seeing the students' excitement when they saw what they were going to be doing next year. I only wish I could be here to see it.

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