Thursday, February 11, 2016

Take A Peak at Peek

Mrs. Foust held an open house for the second grade
parents so they could come see what their students were doing in PEAK. PEAK is not only new for the kids this year, but also for their parents. The teachers send out weekly newsletters of what the kids do in class, but this is a chance for the parents to see exactly what their students are doing. Each student was given a trifold and given free reign to decorate it as they wanted. The materials they had to display spanned work from every portion of the day.

For theme study, they had a portion of their notes they took, and a citation they filled out. Their topic study materials varied, with everything from paintings to labeled tiger diagrams to picture charts. Some students chose to display some of their notes on a ring. For PGD (Personal Growth and Development) they were tasked with writing a script about what they do when things get hard in the classroom. After they finished, we went downstairs and I recorded them reading it and uploaded it to Youtube. Mrs. Foust then linked the Youtube video to a QR code that the kids printed off and put on their poster. This way, the parents could use the class iPads to scan and watch their child's video. For their math portion, they picked the hardest problem they've solved so far in the class this year, and put the problem and an explanation of how they solved it on the trifold. For science, they put a picture of the simple machine they built out of Kinects, and what kind of machine it was. They also had a creativity portion, with work they did for fun in their free time. While they were given the same materials, every trifold was different. They all spent a surprising amount of time and care to make it look good.

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