Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Dr. Yerino Demonstrations

Earlier this year, I asked my physics teacher, Dr. Yerino, if he would be willing to come visit my third grade classes, because in Science they are studying electricity and circuits. PEAK generally doesn't take field trips, so I wanted to bring something fun and informative to them. Yesterday, Doc came and lectured on different kinds of light, space, and electricity; the demonstration spanned almost an hour. First, he talked to the kids about different kinds of light, including Infrared, Visible, and Ultraviolet, and which kinds of light have the most energy. Then, he gave a presentation on space, including the discussion of black holes, the sun, the planets, and astronomy. He finished off with demonstrations including an infrared speaker, a transistor with capacitors, and a Jacob's ladder.

Sadly, I was at North for most of the presentation (Darn you, Calculus) but all feedback I heard was positive. Doc brought in an incredible amount of presentation materials and fun physics demos for the kids, spanning across two tables! He also brought two high school students with him, Ying Chow and Jacob Dice. It was incredible watching him give the same lesson he gave us in Physics class to a group of third and fourth graders. He simplified it just enough the kids could follow along. It's days like these I (especially) love working with PEAK, because the students are a fantastic and rare breed; they learn incredibly fast, and are never afraid to ask questions. Watching them follow along with concepts beyond physical comprehension like black holes or numbers in the billions at the ages of 8 and 9 years old makes me so proud.

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